Why SeagullFX

B2B Broker


Deep Liquidity

Ultra-low Latency

Powerful Trading Platform

When the clients place trades with SeagullFX, they’re placing their trust in us. That’s why we are committed to providing a world-class rank trading platform to our client with experience automated execution and a fully customizable interface from MetaTrader4.
The trading platform take advantage of tight spreads, competitive rates, and analyzing trends with advanced charts to automate client’s transaction and test their strategies. Moreover, the high-speed and transparent performance is one of the spotlight of our trading platform, which ensure the client’s order are routed to the best destination.

Financial Products

With the advantages of high-level execution services offered by several top liquidity providers in the world, SeagullFX is capable to provide customized trading solutions for the clients to match their diversified brokerage needs.
Wide range of trading product are provided by SeagullFX, including Forex, stock index, crude oil and precious metals
More importantly, with world-leading technological expertise, SeagullFX platforms provides ultra-low latency and flexible multi-connection for the segregating order routing, and SeagullFX orders are routed to the major banks that offer true market quotes.
Manipulation is eliminated due to the efficiency and transparency of SeagullFX platforms, which provides the fairest and most equitable environment for transactions.


Institutional Trader

SeagullFX, a personalized and professional trading platform, owns various advanced functions, which include the multi-channels trading connections with liquidity providers and APIs through different client-site platforms, so that it is available to improve the efficiency of quote and settlement.

Introducing Brokers

SeagullFX provides a stable and win-win cooperation scheme for introduction brokers. IB, which works closely with SeagullFX, can not only obtain seagullFX’s full-scale professional support expanding the market reach, but also receive advantageous returns at the same time.

Fund Manager

SeagullFX’s advanced multi-account management system, as well as trading technologies such as automatic account configuration and customized reporting, can simultaneously meet the two-way needs of entrusted trading clients and provides entrusted trading services.

API Connection

Our clients enable enjoy the advantages of direct trade from the market, under STP trading mode, and they enable also obtain real-time international inter-bank quotations simultaneously.

Customer Service

Intelligent Report of Customer

The intelligent transaction activity report facilitates customers to view all transactions and account details in real time, thus analyzing transaction cost and quality of order transaction price and optimizing profit and loss in time.

Powerful Trade Execution

SeagullFX has been working closely with the world’s top-rank banks and liquidity providers to continuously provide deep liquidity for our clients, while, supporting FIX API connectivity to bring the best quotes to the clients with the best execution behavior that has low latency.

Customer-satisfaction Service Orientation

The customer satisfaction is one of the most important aspects of our business, thus, we are committed to sparing no effort in meeting our customer’s needs.

We will strive to do everything right in the first time and do our best to the continuously improvement.

Improving our process efficiency and effectiveness is a primary importance for us as a business entity.

About Us

Founded in Australia over the years, Seagull Global adheres to the version of Market-direction, Wealth and Valued-add.

Meanwhile, it upgrades the enterprise structure constantly and devotes itself to innovating a diversified and comprehensive financial platform. With the 36 trust of global institutional, Seagull Global owns more than a million individual clients all around the world.

Furthermore, the key to the growth of Seagull Global are attribute to the world-renowned investment membership, the scientific and innovative technology and the 24-hour comprehensive wealth-opportunities seize.

Risk warning: Trading Forex and CFDs involves significant risk and can result in the loss of your invested capital. You should evaluate and ensure that you fully understand the risks involved.